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Jerusalem Archaeological Project

Uncovering the World’s Greatest Palace

An excavation now underway in Jerusalem could reveal the most important archeological discovery to date. The Philadelphia Church of God is excited to be participating in the work of renowned archeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar. Now underway in the City of David, located south of the Old City, Mazar’s excavation has unearthed massive walls believed to belong to the ancient palace of biblical King David.

Dr. Mazar, who used the Bible itself as a resource for determining the location of the structure, attracted international attention in the summer of 2005 when the 2-yard-thick walls began to appear. The dig site has unearthed 10th- and 11th-century B.C. pottery, as well as a 6th-century B.C. bulla, or seal, inscribed with the ancient Hebrew name Jehucal, a Judean prince named in Jeremiah 37:3. Many archeologists are calling the discovery of the building the “find of the century.”

In joint participation with the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation, Herbert W. Armstrong College sent student volunteers to help clear the site during the second phase of Mazar’s dig. The students also assisted in cataloging and publishing the finds.

While in Jerusalem, AC students and the president, as well as the chancellor, have established contacts with local officials, including Mayor Yuri Lupolianksi and author Dore Gold, as well as with journalists, military officials and others.

Herbert W. Armstrong College is currently participating in processing, cataloging and publishing the most recent phase of the dig, and is looking forward to an upcoming fourth phase, which will uncover even more of the site.

In other collaboration, the foundation has contributed to the preservation of Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem in memory of Teddy Kollek and Herbert W. Armstrong. The late mayor of Jerusalem and Mr. Armstrong worked together to build the park, which features a replica of Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell and was dedicated on July 4, 1978. The donation is part of the college’s ongoing efforts to revive the humanitarian legacy of Herbert Armstrong and his support for Jerusalem. Under Mr. Armstrong, Ambassador College sent hundreds of students to assist Benjamin Mazar, the late grandfather of Eilat Mazar, in his Temple Mount excavations in the 1970s.

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